PCS Journal Club

Spring 2014

What is Journal Club this Spring?

February 14 - Introduction and Overview

Fall 2013

What is Journal Club this Fall?

August 31 - Introduction and Overview

September 20 - PCS Learning Outcomes Discussion

October 4 - PCS Prism Presentations (2)

October 18 - Pre-NASSS Presentations I

October 23 (Wednesday) - Pink Ribbons Inc. Showing/Discussion Towson University  Dr. Samantha King

November I - Pre-NASSS Presentations II

November 15 - Post-NASSS Discussion

December 6 - End of Semester/Planning for Spring Semester

Spring 2013

What is Journal Club this Spring? Journal Club this semester has a clear and distinct purpose particular to graduate and academic writing, and job market preparedness. Accordingly, and in the pursuit of fulfilling departmental requirements for student progress, Journal Club will be developed as a time and space for: discussing and workshopping writing specific for presentation, publication, and grants/fellowships/awards; and preparing graduate students for interviewing. Unless otherwise specified, we will meet from 10am-12pm.

February 1 - Introduction

February 15 - Ph.D. Writing (with Jennifer Sterling)

March 1 - Presentation Forum

March 15 - Publications

March 29 - Joan Holt Lecture with Dr. Patricia Vertinsky

April 12 - Grant and Fellowship Writing

April 26 - Husman Lecture and Graduate Student Conference

May 10 - Interviewing

Fall 2012

August 31 - Introductions

September 14 - Individual, singular research project discussions

September 28 - Prism Nominations

October 12

October 26 - NASSS Rehearsal I

November 2 - NASSS Rehearsal II

November 15

November 30

Fall 2011

What is Journal Club this year? Unlike previous semesters, Journal Club this semester has a clear and distinct strategic bent specific to the emerging programmatic focus of PCS currently being crafted by its students and faculty. To that end, Journal Club will be a time and space for: working beyond PCS by engaging various academic communities and scholars with whom we share interest; working within PCS to strengthen the presentational practices of its graduate students; and finally to fulfill departmental requirements for student progress.

September 23 - Outreach and translational possibilities: Marvin Scott

October 7 - Student Research Meetings: Wiest, McBean, Rick, Basen, Mower

October 21 - Student Research Meetings: Bustad, Clift, Bernstein, Tredway

November 4 - NASSS

November 15-16 - Obesity Summit in Baltimore

November 18 - Maryland PCS Summit: Towson Collaborative

December 2 - Center for Health Equity

December 9 - APRs

Spring 2011

February 4

February 18

March 11

April 29

Fall 2010

What is PCS Journal Club? What Are We Going to Do?

This is a significant, and as yet not fully determined question.  However, it is one we are definitely working on.  To that end we are introducing a slightly different format for journal club this semester.  The effort is to make it a more meaningful, useful, and relevant experience for PCS students and faculty.

As per usual, we will be meeting every other Friday from 9.00-11.00am, in a venue yet to be confirmed.  However, we will have definite foci for the first and second hours of each journal club.

  1. 1.First Hour:  STUDENT FOCUS - This will be the domain of PCS graduate students, and one or more of them will be assigned responsibility for the focus on that day.  This can involve presenting research, leading a discussion on a prescient PCS issue, focus, or reading.  This is a chance for students to bring their interests and ideas to the PCS table.

  1. 2.Second Hour:  WRITING SEMINAR - This semester, in the second hour of journal club we are going to focus on a series of ”Demystifying the Dissertation”articles from the Inside Higher Education website, written by Peg Boyle Single, which focus on the process and practice (as well as the trials and tribulations) of academic writing.  Although these articles are far from definitive, and are open to critique, they do offer some key insights into the craft of writing, and bring to light some interesting strategies for addressing issues that frequently arise during the writing process.

         So, for the second hour of journal club, which we will call the PCS WRITING SEMINAR, we ask that everyone reads, carefully considers, and is will to discuss the assigned ”Demystifying the Dissertation” article (see below for schedule).

Fall 2010

September 3 - Introduction/PCS Writing Seminar I

September 17 - Student Focus/PCS Writing Seminar II

October 1 - Student Focus/PCS Writing Seminar III/ SRID  

October 15 - NASSS Presentations and Feedback

October 29 - Student Focus/PCS Writing Seminar IV

November 12 - Student Focus/PCS Writing Seminar V

December 3 - Student Focus/PCS Writing Seminar VI

December 10 - PCS Social Event  

PCS Writing Seminar Reading Schedule - Fall 2010

Seminar I (September 3)

1.  Don't Stare at Blank Screen

2.  Piles, Stacks, Folders

Seminar II (September 17)

3.  Too Much to Say (I)?

4.  Too Much to Say (I1)?

Seminar III (October 1)

5.  A Regular Writing Routine

6.  What the Research Says

7.  A Writing Routine

Seminar IV (October 29)

8.  Group Work

9.  Expert Advice

10.  A Writing Partner

Seminar V (November 12)

11.  Perfectionism I

12.  Perfectionism II

Seminar VI (December 3)

13. Procrastination I

14.  Procrastination II  

The Corpus Posting Schedule

Spring 2010

Friday January 29:          Regular Meeting

                                   PCS Scheduling and Organization 

Friday February 12:        Organizational Meeting:

                                   Graduate Student Symposium

Friday February 19:        Journal Club 9am-11am

                                    Nicolas Presentation/Publishing Discussion /

                                    Black History Month Lecture

Friday March 5:             Organizational Meeting:

                                   Graduate Student Symposium

Friday March 26:            Journal Club 9am-11am

                                   GRIP Proposal Workshop/

                                   CSRI Presentation Ron/Bryan

Friday April 9:               Organizational Meeting:

                                   Graduate Student Symposium

Friday April 16:             Graduate Symposium - "Weighing In" On Public Health:

                                    Physical Activity and the (Un)Healthy Body /

                                    Husman Lecture

Friday April 30:             Journal Club 9am-11am

                                   Student Paper Workshop / Faculty Projects /

                                   NASSH Presentations

Friday May 7:                End of Year Social Event

Fall 2009

Friday September 11:     Journal Club: 10am-12 noon

                                  Symposium Organization

                                    Journal Club Organizer: Sam Bernstein

Friday September 18:      School of Public Health Research Interaction Day

Friday September 25:      PCS Symposium:

                                   Critical Sport Research in Obama’s America

Friday October 9:          Journal Club: 10am-12 noon

                                  NASSS Presentation Rehearsal (I):

                                    Joy Bauer

Saturday October 10:     Betty Brown’s Annual Fall Welcoming Party

Friday October 23:         Journal Club: 10am-12 noon

                                     NASSS Presentation Rehearsal (II):

                                     Jaime DeLuca

                                     Callie Batts

                                     Ron Mower

                                     Sam Bernstein   

Thursday November 5-   North American Society for the Sociology of Sport

Saturday November:       Conference (NASSS), Ottawa, Canada


Friday November 13:     Journal Club: 10am-12 noon

                                    NASSS De-Briefing/Discussion

                                    Journal Club Organizer: Ron Mower

Monday December 1:    Deadline for GRIP Award Proposals

Friday December 4:       Annual Progress Review Meetings

Friday December 12:     PCS Holiday Lunch:

                                    Venue To Be Confirmed