PCS Journal Club Schedule - Fall 2010

September 3 - Introduction/PCS Writing Seminar I

September 17 - Student Focus/PCS Writing Seminar II

October 1 - Student Focus/PCS Writing Seminar III/ SRID  

October 15 - NASSS Presentations and Feedback

October 29 - Student Focus/PCS Writing Seminar IV

November 12 - Student Focus/PCS Writing Seminar V

December 3 - Student Focus/PCS Writing Seminar VI

December 10 - PCS Social Event  

Calendar: Spring 2010

Friday January 29:          Regular Meeting

                                   PCS Scheduling and Organization 

Friday February 12:        Organizational Meeting:

                                   Graduate Student Symposium

Friday February 19:        Journal Club 9am-11am

                                    Nicolas Presentation/Publishing Discussion /

                                    Black History Month Lecture

Friday March 5:             Organizational Meeting:

                                   Graduate Student Symposium

Friday March 26:            Journal Club 9am-11am

                                   GRIP Proposal Workshop/

                                   CSRI Presentation Ron/Bryan

Friday April 9:               Organizational Meeting:

                                   Graduate Student Symposium

Friday April 16:             Graduate Symposium - "Weighing In" On Public Health:

                                    Physical Activity and the (Un)Healthy Body /

                                    Husman Lecture

Friday April 30:             Journal Club 9am-11am

                                   Student Paper Workshop / Faculty Projects /

                                   NASSH Presentations

Friday May 7:                End of Year Social Event

Fall 2009

Friday September 11:     Journal Club: 10am-12 noon

                                  Symposium Organization

                                    Journal Club Organizer: Sam Bernstein

Friday September 18:      School of Public Health Research Interaction Day

Friday September 25:      PCS Symposium:

                                   Critical Sport Research in Obama’s America

Friday October 9:          Journal Club: 10am-12 noon

                                  NASSS Presentation Rehearsal (I):

                                    Joy Bauer

Saturday October 10:     Betty Brown’s Annual Fall Welcoming Party

Friday October 23:         Journal Club: 10am-12 noon

                                     NASSS Presentation Rehearsal (II):

                                     Jaime DeLuca

                                     Callie Batts

                                     Ron Mower

                                     Sam Bernstein   

Thursday November 5-   North American Society for the Sociology of Sport

Saturday November:       Conference (NASSS), Ottawa, Canada


Friday November 13:     Journal Club: 10am-12 noon

                                    NASSS De-Briefing/Discussion

                                    Journal Club Organizer: Ron Mower

Monday December 1:    Deadline for GRIP Award Proposals

Friday December 4:       Annual Progress Review Meetings

Friday December 12:     PCS Holiday Lunch:

                                    Venue To Be Confirmed